Marbelton Paper Chase Pugs

Posted by Norma Sat, July 02, 2016 10:59:43

Marbelton Paper Chase after winning CAC & CACIB at Castellon Blog image

growing up fast 8 weeks old on MondayPugs

Posted by Norma Sat, July 02, 2016 10:54:13

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image

goodys puppys Pugs

Posted by Norma Tue, May 31, 2016 18:45:08

Ch Donnymoor Good Vibrations had 3 black puppies on the 9 May . one female & two males . we are keeping the girl & the two boys are available to loving homes
Blog image 16 days old
Blog image
3 weeks old full of food Blog imageBlack Betty getting weighed

Paul & Wendy come to stay Pugs

Posted by Norma Mon, October 13, 2014 11:44:09

We picked up son Paul & girlfriend Wendy early Friday morning complete with 2

of their bike boxes.from Murcia airport

Their days out riding their bikes up mountains in the sunny weather is what they like to do

But on Sunday night we took them down into Pilar de Horadada to see some of

the Fiestas . That night was the solemn procession Blog image. The church walls were covered in

flowers. We waited in the square with hundreds of people for the start .Blog image

The massive silver casket was carried out on the shoulders of 20 men Blog imageThe Major walked with the standard bearer Blog imageBlog imageThe bands played & young people were dressed in national costumeBlog imagePeople were buying these long candles with hand shields to follow the procession along its route which took about 2 hours Blog imageFinishing up in the dark quite lovely

Talavera cacib [point show ] Pugs

Posted by Norma Mon, October 13, 2014 11:18:23

Saturday 4 Oct

Talavera ,pugs were being judged by Micheal Quinney afix Adorum from England .

Years since we had a breed specialist for pugs & it showed in a very good entry

We drove up to Navel Carnero to stay the night before the Crufts " the point show "

. A drive of about 6 hours with pee & coffee stops

We just took Hattie & Goody as Enrique still has hairless legs due to a yeast infection

Bright & early we were off ,nice sunny day which got hotter

Hattie was ex 1st in intermediate & Goody was ex unplaced in open . Charo with

Camila de Brut-cors went best of breed CAC & CACIB . Well deserved too . She is

home bred by Donnymoor True Blue & is her first Champion pug

The judge insisted the pugs were shown on a loose lead at all times & no kneeling

down . This really spooked the so called professional handlers & we had to go

around & around the very big ring until they could do it !!!!

Sorry there was no photos as the battery in the camera was dead

open show in VillenaPugs

Posted by Norma Wed, October 01, 2014 14:36:49

Alicante kennel club put on on open show in the bull ring in Villena Sunday 28


This year the Carlino club had a special breed club show there as well . We all

wore the Carlino club t-shirts Blog imagefirst thing in the morning in the bull ring . The dogs thought the sand floor was great fun [ very messy ]Blog imagetrophys for ,Best Puppy , Best Junior & Best of Breed & rossettsBlog imagePaco won Best Puppy with his blackBlog imageEnrique was best male junior & then best junior pugBlog imagegetting the junior trophyBlog imageLater in the afternoon Enrique went best toy junior in show & got another cup

Here he is in the ring with all the other breed junior group winners .10 groups in

FCI rules

Next Sunday is the point show in Talavera ,the last show this year to

have a chance of being Spanish champion .... then not again until May 2015

new jig sawPugs

Posted by Norma Wed, October 01, 2014 14:03:06

Blog imageThis jigsaw called " i love London " is by Mike Jupp from Bognor

Very funny with something unexpected on every one of it 1000 pieces . Will look for

some more of his at the library

Gibraltar 2 cacib shows Pugs

Posted by Norma Tue, September 23, 2014 20:04:22

Friday we drove down to Gib . About a 7 hour trip with pee & coffee stops

Not wishing to keep crossing the border & risk 4 hour hold ups we opted to buy a

tent & stay on dog show site over the nights . At least 35 years since we last

camped out . & just hoped the old bones would cope with it . The 3 man tent was

a 2 second erection job & it was just that ... folding in down & back in its case a different

matter altogether . A couple from Portugal came to our aid & then there was 4 in a

pickle , getting in & out of the tent quite funny for anyone watching Blog imageTaking a beer after setting up campBlog image
inside the tentBlog imagecampervans on the "Rock "Blog imagerelaxing with a book & gin & tonic in the shadeBlog imageThe puggy place Blog imageGirls saying ...Hello Campers

The weather was very hot so we had to add an "extention "for the pugs . A

cool & shady area for their play pen

. A very comfortable but nosisy night with lots of dogs barking

Saurday in was just a short walk into the hall for the show

. D. Good Vibrations was ex 1st in Intermediate & Gibraltar CC , D. Nutbush was ex

2nd in open & RCAC & RCACIB. D. Staying Alive [owned by Eleazar & Fernando

] was ex 1st 1st in open dog & Gibraltar CC

All these winners were sired by Yorlander Stan The Man
Judged at 9 am rather cold & grey ; looking like rain

We did not get placed by the judge from Denmark . But D. Staying Alive got the CC

again so is now a Gibraltar Champion dog

With the judging finishing early & the weather cool we were able to go to

Morrisons supermarket & stock up on stuff like big boxes of tea bags , monster

size Marmite . Patac curry paste etc . Fill up with cheap fuel & home James to see

the F1

interesting weekend . would not discount to camping out again