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PugsPosted by Norma Mon, July 28, 2014 15:08:06
Today is Mary Hambeltons funeral 1.20 in Southport

Remembering some good times we had with John & Mary at boxer shows in Europe

This photo was taken by Paula Watten at the Italian boxer clubs 50 birthday The other lady had come from Australia for this show !We stayed in the area of Descano for the week in lovely weather . Went up to the

top of the Dolomite mountains [ which was cold & had snow ] by cable car which

was very exciting . I was only wearing flip flops as i had cut the top of my big toe

with the lawn mower the week before . We also went on a trip to Franco & Barbara

Baravelli ,s Nettuno kennel & saw many typical boxers

We were invited to their resturant . & had the best Italian meal i have ever had ,

cooked by Franco himself just for a few boxer people

These are some of the many memories we have with John & Mary

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