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Gibraltar 2 cacib shows

PugsPosted by Norma Tue, September 23, 2014 20:04:22
Friday we drove down to Gib . About a 7 hour trip with pee & coffee stops

Not wishing to keep crossing the border & risk 4 hour hold ups we opted to buy a

tent & stay on dog show site over the nights . At least 35 years since we last

camped out . & just hoped the old bones would cope with it . The 3 man tent was

a 2 second erection job & it was just that ... folding in down & back in its case a different

matter altogether . A couple from Portugal came to our aid & then there was 4 in a

pickle , getting in & out of the tent quite funny for anyone watching Taking a beer after setting up camp
inside the tentcampervans on the "Rock "relaxing with a book & gin & tonic in the shadeThe puggy place Girls saying ...Hello Campers

The weather was very hot so we had to add an "extention "for the pugs . A

cool & shady area for their play pen

. A very comfortable but nosisy night with lots of dogs barking

Saurday in was just a short walk into the hall for the show

. D. Good Vibrations was ex 1st in Intermediate & Gibraltar CC , D. Nutbush was ex

2nd in open & RCAC & RCACIB. D. Staying Alive [owned by Eleazar & Fernando

] was ex 1st 1st in open dog & Gibraltar CC

All these winners were sired by Yorlander Stan The Man
Judged at 9 am rather cold & grey ; looking like rain

We did not get placed by the judge from Denmark . But D. Staying Alive got the CC

again so is now a Gibraltar Champion dog

With the judging finishing early & the weather cool we were able to go to

Morrisons supermarket & stock up on stuff like big boxes of tea bags , monster

size Marmite . Patac curry paste etc . Fill up with cheap fuel & home James to see

the F1

interesting weekend . would not discount to camping out again

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