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Talavera cacib [point show ]

PugsPosted by Norma Mon, October 13, 2014 11:18:23
Saturday 4 Oct

Talavera ,pugs were being judged by Micheal Quinney afix Adorum from England .

Years since we had a breed specialist for pugs & it showed in a very good entry

We drove up to Navel Carnero to stay the night before the Crufts " the point show "

. A drive of about 6 hours with pee & coffee stops

We just took Hattie & Goody as Enrique still has hairless legs due to a yeast infection

Bright & early we were off ,nice sunny day which got hotter

Hattie was ex 1st in intermediate & Goody was ex unplaced in open . Charo with

Camila de Brut-cors went best of breed CAC & CACIB . Well deserved too . She is

home bred by Donnymoor True Blue & is her first Champion pug

The judge insisted the pugs were shown on a loose lead at all times & no kneeling

down . This really spooked the so called professional handlers & we had to go

around & around the very big ring until they could do it !!!!

Sorry there was no photos as the battery in the camera was dead

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