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Simply News from Donnymoorpugs

Paul & Wendy come to stay

PugsPosted by Norma Mon, October 13, 2014 11:44:09
We picked up son Paul & girlfriend Wendy early Friday morning complete with 2

of their bike boxes.from Murcia airport

Their days out riding their bikes up mountains in the sunny weather is what they like to do

But on Sunday night we took them down into Pilar de Horadada to see some of

the Fiestas . That night was the solemn procession . The church walls were covered in

flowers. We waited in the square with hundreds of people for the start .

The massive silver casket was carried out on the shoulders of 20 men The Major walked with the standard bearer The bands played & young people were dressed in national costumePeople were buying these long candles with hand shields to follow the procession along its route which took about 2 hours Finishing up in the dark quite lovely

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