Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Purpose of this blog

Purpose of this blogPosted by Paul Webb Wed, October 05, 2011 21:02:50
Thanks for getting this far and reading my Blog!

In Paul Webb Cycling @ 50 + I aim to document (as best and as often I can) my adventure back into the World of Road Racing (at age 50 +).

I understand that at age 50 plus I have to give myself the best opportunity to be as fast and as fit as I can and need to look at all apsects of my training and health therefore I will cover and endeavour to document a wide variety of subjects in this respect.

Since returning to cycling after 25 years so much has changed and is scientific and technical, I have created a section called....

"Cycling Primers" these are base understandings of some of the buzz-words and subjects that are prevelant in Cycling today, hopefully they will stimulate you go deeper on the subject.

Where possible I will provide references and links. Ive done some digging so you dont have to.

"Cycling Recommendations"
lists out various products, Sportives, Races, Books etc that i have found useful or enjoyed along the way.

"Useful Links" Will list out exactly that, links that i have found particuarly useful in my quest for greater fitness.

"The Main Blog" will contain details of my everday struggles, failures and triumphs to get fit and stronger, hopefully with some humour along the way.

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