Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

At last I join the Cycling Hall of Fame

The BlogPosted by Paul Webb Tue, July 24, 2012 21:34:25

I finally had to give in and waste good cycling time on decoarting the Hall Stairs and Landing!

To be fair I should be ashamed of myself it was grubby in the extreme having seen all four of my children through bike, skateboard, roller skate phases.... it was bad.

It just never seems justified when there is so much road to be ridden and so much bike stuff to be purchased.

Anyway I begrudgingly finished the job, painted, glossed, carpeted and even treated Wendy to a nice new mirror, but something was missing, we needed something to set it all off.

It had to be Cycling related (Studio Ghibli prints were a close second), we searched for old TDF and Giro prints but just couldnt get anything the size we liked with the riders we liked or would look good as a collection...... it was hopeless.

Until one day I was surfing for bike porn and came across (phnaa phnaa) the Roueleur website and started to look at the prints, I found the Rich Mitchelson Collection they were perfect! They match really well and I can honestly say that I cannot see myself getting bored with them. Hell they might even be an investment!

After getting the all clear from Wendy I began choosing the riders .... it was clear this was going to be an expensive endeavour as they were all so great, so I decided to start off with two and buy one a month. ..... so here they are in the order of purchase.

I did some research on Rich Mitchelson and found his blog, in fact i found out that he is great friends with Martin Green a cycling pal but even better than that I discovered that Rich Mitch will create "Personal Portraits".

At last my only chance to join the "Hall of Fame" I gathered all my birthday money and sent Rich Mitch the deposit, all he needed were some recent photos of me to give him half a chance ........ look away if you are faint hearted!

Now all I had to do was to sit and wait, I knew that the result would either be insulting or impressive or insulting and impressive!

The big day arrived and here is the result!

I am really pleased, now I can take my place in the Cycling Hall of Fame!

Thanks Rich Mitch you are a star!

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