Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Where all going on a Summer holiday

The BlogPosted by Paul Webb Mon, August 20, 2012 21:52:40

Work had been a bit hectic, we werent even sure whether we were going to be able to get the time off, but all of a sudden it was upon us, we had two weeks holiday starting in less than a weeks time..... and had planned nothing.

The choices were:

* Last minute all inclusive (fat B*stard break)

* Pop to see my Mum in Spain (with Bike)

* Road trip to Europe (with bikes)

It is probably tha last year of have a company car and Europe Fuel paid for so we decided on the Road Trip, now we have done some crazy road trips before therefore have pretty much smashed Europe .... what was left.

Wendy has always wanted to go to the Black Forest and i have always been a fan of Black Forest Gateau, so thats a match made in heaven.

I have always wanted to climb all the Major climbs so it was the Italian Alps for me!

So thats set then .... another quick flick through teletext to look one last time at the fat bastard holidays ..... nope that was it mind made up, off on the Road Trip!

Titesee in the Black Forest and Bormio in the Italian Alps ... superb, great for me who loves the massive climbs, going to be a bit of a diassapointment for Wendy who hates em.

Passo Stelvio, Passo Gavia and Passo Foscan firmly in my sites...... that and Gateau

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