Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Sliding Down the Snakes and the Ladders.....

The BlogPosted by Paul Webb Tue, March 19, 2013 19:44:38

The good news is ive lost 6lbs

The bad news is ive gotta a Kidney Infection!

It seems to me that i have had a lot of ilness's this year sinec the end of last Summer, when you get thoughts like this its a good idea to apply some examination to it.

Hell if didnt learn the lessons we would still be in the Primordial Swamp!

So what are the influences in this.

* Diet - Am I Eating correctly?

* Training - Am I training too Hard?

* Recovery - Am I recovering properly

* Sleep - How much is enough?

* Rest - do I get enough rest (tottally different from Recovery)

* Stress - Am I in more of s Stressfull situation than last year?

* Age - Are my expectations too high for a 50 plusser?

My Diet is better than it ever has been I have loads of energy and my weight has been stable for over a year with a very low BMI Well Done Me

Training, I have been training hard and the Weather Conditions i think are worse than last year, in fact we have been training too hard, i set a new MAXHR during a Winter Club run this Winter! So its possible I have been training too hard ... a Little, I have just recently also started Interval training once a week until the build up to twice a week, but yes maybe a little to hard Try Harder to temper my enthusiasm

Recovery, i do make sure that my weights sessions are 48 hours apart, I have a protien and Carb Shake, If I Ride 100K on Sat and Sunday I actively Recover and plan time for it. Well Done Me

Sleep I am getting between 7- 8 hours per night depending on if im going to the Gym or not, I think thats enough and i dont wake up feeling really tired, I must keep Vigilant.Well Done Me

Rest, Im not very good at this, generally im not relaxing im usually beavering away at something, hell I should be resting now! Must try Harder

Age, Jo Friels study shows that as long as you adapt your training as you age you should not see any serious drop off in Triathalon Performance until you reach 75

Stress, I am in a LOT more stressful situation than I was last year, I need to find some better coping mechanisms.

After doing this I began to wonder if there were any Formulas knocking around for this kind of thing to help me measure my rest vs training..

And there is a simple formula to work to:

1.Performance improves when recovery > training load
2.Performance stagnates when recovery = training load
3.Performance regresses when training load > recovery

I would even go as far as to add aother lines for the Formula

4. Performance regresses when Enthusiasm> Your Bodies capabilities

Great Resource on Over Reaching

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