Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Easter Travels

The BlogPosted by Paul Webb Wed, April 03, 2013 20:42:37

We have been on our travels again. We usually scoot off on the Thursday before Easter to get 10 days holiday for the price of 5 taking advantage of the bank holidays! We made our way to my old Dads (near Poitier) to check him out after his hip replacement op, he is doing surprisingly well!

We were hoping to see some sunshine as its been the worst of weather at home, imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened the curtains on Friday morning to see a thick covering of Snow!

The bad weather had followed us down, the snow turned to thick rain and stayed for 2 days, these 2 Days spent in front of the log fire chatting with the old fella, eventually the rain gave in and I managed to get out on the bike, I managed a 100k headed for the Mervent Forest , I am still very weak though from the kidney infection. Route 1 Route 2

The next day was better good sunshine and went for a repeat of Mervent route with Wendy, still freezing cold though which was disappointing to say the least!

We left Dads on the Monday heading for the Pyrenees to stay with Martyn at Le Petit Verger in Puivert. The minute we hit Bordeaux the rain started and I mean rain! We did this last year and thought this was unlucky, but in truth our weather has changed and if we want warmth we must change too ..... so next year Easter in Spain, and the Pyrenees later i the year!

Luckily the rain had all but cleared by mid-day. Martyn had arranged got us all to go on a group ride that day. Route 1 Route 2

Day 1 He sent me out for 45 K to start with taking in the Col de Teil 500M and then the Col de Croix de Morts 849M with a wicked descent back into Puivert to meet the rest of the group!

The group made up of Paul (English) Thierry (French) Martin, Wendy and myself. We headed off to pick up some more riders, meanwhile Martyn broke a spoke and made his way back home leaving just the 4 of us.

These Guys took us on a route which includes several small Cols which consisted of me assisting Wendy up them as best I could! The views were fantastic, generally when I come to the Pyrenees I make for the huge climbs, but this route was stunning, Cyprus trees, roads lined with Plantation trees just fabulous, the weather was kind to us except the odd hail storm which is the Pyrenees way of reminding you that she is in charge.

Here I am riding a Col talking to a Frenchman (in French) I could get used to this! Thierry claiming a mileage of 2000K every 3 months, it showed he was as strong as an Ox! And Paul informing me that he has just started a Micro Brewery selling English beer to the French! A big day for Wendy whose new Garmin Edge 810 showed 3000FT of climbing for the day! My old Fashioned Garmin giving me 2000M.

Day 2 Martyn had planned a ride with just the 4 of us, Wendy, Martyn Ann and myself.

The Route was to be a Scenic route to Foix for Lunch and a different scenic route back with a detour for me up the Col de Monsegur 1049M.

It was a stunning ride, the Pyrenees is so beautiful.

On the Drive back to the Ferry we decided to take a route through Volcano Country as its the last Region for Wendy to explore, it was amazing, not a place to be a cyclist very bleak.

There is no flat in the Auvergne just up or down, we had targeted ourselves to drive over the Col de Puy de Maury but were disapointed to see it was closed due to snow, in fact it was snowing as we arrived.

What a fabulous region, we must go back to stay, the peaks were fantastic!

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