Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Paul Webb Cycling at 50 years old plus

Exercise Strategies for Weight Loss....

The BlogPosted by Paul Webb Fri, June 28, 2013 19:14:36

Exercise Strategies for Weight loss

What should you eat if your strategy is for losing body fat? for this strategy you can skip pre-exercise carbohydrates, the reason for this is if you supply carbohydrates your body will burn this and store fat and indeed not burn your already ample fat stores. however you cannot run empty of carbs as your energy systems need this to burn fat so you need to ensure you have adequate glycogen levels.

Strategy 1 Fat Burning
Exercise in the lower zones 2 - 3 for longer, skip pre exercise carbs, Skip Breakfast and start eating after 1 hour of exercise, You will need some carbs if your are training for longer but keep this to a minimum its a matter of practice and feel.

Cycling in these Zones also provide great base training which recruits more mitochondria and makes your muscles more efficient.

This strategy is very suitable for returners or those that have not reached the level of fitness where Burst Training can be used.

Strategy 2 Burst Training
Recent research has found that "Burst Training" or "Intervals" are also a great way of burning fat.

Burst training is short bursts of exercise Usually less than 2 minutes but exercising in zones 5 - 6.

Burst training produces a hormone response that burns fat during the exercise but also long after the exercise has finished up to 48 hours!

Burst training is obviously shorter and more convenient way to exercise but you should leave 48 hours between sessions (you will have to if you are doing them properly)

Strategy 3 Resistance Training
Weight Training or resistance training is a great way to lose weight, this is the method I have found the most useful.

Weight Training not only strengthens your core it can also be a massive aid to losing weight, the reason for this is that resistance training speeds up your thermo genic rate which basically means you are burning calories for longer, similar to burst training.


* Decide what your strategy is for the Day, Week, Month before you decide what to eat
* Use one of the above strategies
* The Strategies can be mixed, you can alternate Burst Training / Intervals with Weights

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